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We work directly with FCA authorised experts who will be able to answer any of the questions that you may have about health insurance and making sure you get the right cover for your circumstances. Detailed in these FAQs is generic information to help you understand a little more about insurance. Please do not consider that we are giving you any financial advice nor making recommendations to you. You should ensure that your FCA authorised expert answers the questions that you have.

Why choose medical insurance?

In Britain we have the National Health Service (NHS) which is a publicly funded health care system. This provides the majority of healthcare in the UK providing free medical care when we need it including primary care such as General Practitioners, in-patient care and long-term health care including surgery.

Most people accept that the NHS is not exactly in good health. The increases in National Insurance contributions to pay for the NHS were justified by Gordon Brown as he intended to make the NHS 'the best insurance policy in the world'.

However, the cash injection doesn't seem to be filtering down to the frontline and we continually hear countless stories about staff shortages, poor hospital accommodation and performances and, above all, waiting list problems at our NHS hospitals.

More and more people believe that going private is the only viable alternative. The cost of private treatment is prohibitive for most people in Britain, but if you have adequate medical cover, costs can be paid for by your insurance company. Therefore, PMI can cover the costs of private treatment when it's needed.

How does private medical insurance work?

PMI is designed to help towards the cost of private treatments for curable, short-term illness or injury and it can give you the reassurance of knowing that you will receive prompt treatment from a specialist of your choice at a private hospital at a time that suits you.

What will it cost?

As with all insurance, the cost of private medical insurance and its premiums are based on a number of factors:

a) How old you are
b) Gender
c) State of health
d) Your medical history
e) Your smoking habits

All of these factors can affect the cost of private medical insurance as well as making some individuals ineligible

Why choose LookForHealth?

LookForHealth can provide free instant quotes, plus full, tailored quotes on request. There are no charges at any stage for this service. LookForHealth works with FCA authorised experts to help you find the the most suitable health insurance quote for your circumstances. The FCA authorised experts we work with scan hundreds of life insurance providers and policies for the best deals available. Our service is free, quick and easy to use and you are under no obligation to accept the quotes you receive.

There is no obligation to accept any quote we offer.

We offer access to FCA authorised experts who offer a complete service for the best value health insurance.

Which Private Medical Insurance provider shall I choose?

Finding the right health insurance can be hard for many people. Research can be carried out by phoning insurance companies to get an idea of prices.

You can also use websites such as such as LookForHealth and the FCA authorised experts we are partners with to research policies from a panel of insurers. The FCA authorised experts can then recommend policies that:

a) Meet your budget
b) Cover your healthcare requirements.

The right policy will include the level of cover you need, plus it is important for many people to make sure that they are able to use the private hospitals of their choice in their local area.

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Look For Health is an independent health insurance website created to help users find the best possible health cover quote for their circumstances. We work with FCA authorised brokers who search and compare health insurance policies from UK providers and policies for the best deals available for you.

Our service is 100% free to use and you are under no obligations to accept the quotes you receive.

* The Costs detailed are based on a man or woman in good health, aged 19 on their next birthday. These details are correct as of September 2010

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