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Bupa shows the cost to UK workforce of lost sleep

Friday, October 29, 2010

Private Medical Insurance suppliers Bupa have released a report which outlines the impact of poor sleep patterns for the UK workforce. According to the study, which is entitled ‘How Are You Britain?', people across the UK are taking up to three days extra sick leave every year, as a result of poor sleep patterns and behaviours, when compared with their colleagues who are not sleep-starved.

The report has discovered that over twenty-five percent of the UK population of workers wake up every day feeling unrefreshed by their sleep, and people are hardest hit on Sundays, feeling tired when they rise on Monday mornings.

According to the study undertaken by Bupa specialists, stress plays the biggest part in people having poor sleep, with almost one quarter of all respondents reporting that they suffer with high stress levels due to work conditions, and over sixty percent of respondents stating that they feel overwhelmed at work at least once in every two week period.

According to the results of the survey, employees across the UK spend about one third of their working year feeling overwhelmed and stressed, which contributes to their lack of refreshing sleep. People admitted that at least twenty times over the course of the year, they go to work feeling unable to cope as a result of extreme tiredness, which leads to a general feeling of dissatisfaction with their jobs and poor levels of performance when compared to more well-rested colleagues.

Bupa recommends avoiding caffeine before bedtime, sticking to a strong routine for sleeping patterns and trying to relax before bed time in order to benefit from a good night’s sleep. A spokesperson for the Bupa report, Dr. Ian Mak has commented: "Over long periods of time, lack of sleep can affect your decision making, your reactions and your judgement. It may even be a factor in the development of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and mental health problems."

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