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WHO release statistics on chronic illness

Thursday, April 28, 2011

According to a new report issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the leading cause of death around the world for all populations comes from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Global Status Report issued by the organisation has stated that these ‘noncomminicable’ diseases account for over thirty-six million deaths each year, making them the most predominant killers, globally.

The statistics, which were taken from 2008, have demonstrated that eighty percent of the deaths were from low and middle-income countries, and that the diseases posed a much greater threat to the population than other infectious diseases, including HIV, tubrculosis and malaria.

The director general of the World Health Organisation has commented: "The rise of chronic noncommunicable diseases presents an enormous challenge. For some countries, it is no exaggeration to describe the situation as an impending disaster; a disaster for health, for society, and most of all for national economies.”

“Chronic noncommunicable diseases deliver a two-punch blow to development. They cause billions of dollars in losses of national income, and they push millions of people below the poverty line, each and every year. Many of the deaths could be prevented by introducing policies such as promoting healthier diets and stronger smoking legislation.”

The report by the WHO has shown that:
• Almost 6m people die from tobacco use each year
• By 2020, this will increase to 7.5m, 10% of all global deaths
• 3.2m die each year from a lack of exercise, at least 2.8m from obesity and 2.5m from alcohol.

The figures demonstrate that, unlike infectious diseases which can be controlled and treated, these chronic illnesses constitute a greater risk to longevity, and many people could benefit from taking out private health insurance to ensure that they receive the treatment which they need to prolong life and combat some of the issues stemming from contracting these illnesses.

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